Greg Martellotto | President

Greg Martellotto is a bon vivant who brings a wealth of international experience to the world of wine. After eating and drinking his way through more than 50 countries, Greg launched Martellotto Wines, a fully integrated wine company, in 2005. Martellotto Wines produces, imports, distributes and markets wines across the US. Focused on passionate, small, family wineries from around the globe that practice sustainable farming, Martellotto Wines brings these eyebrow raising wines to discerning clients…  Read More

Pedro Aguilar, M.D. | Advisor

Dr. Aguilar is a board certified neurosurgeon practicing in Pittsburgh. Dr. Aguilar is a scientific researcher, a teacher, member of multiple medical societies, and a loving father and husband. Dr. Aguilar’s wit and vibrancy make him one of the most compelling and insightful members of our board. He doesn’t claim to be a wine expert, but his passion for the good life is contagious. He also has a unique ability to recall wines he’s tasted and utilizes his intimate knowledge of the brain and sensory neurons to map wine descriptions to experience.

Greg Horwitz, Ph.D | Advisor

Dr. Horwitz is a Research Fellow at UCLA in molecular cell and developmental biology. His research interests include synthetic and naturally occurring compounds to help fight disease and illness, including resveratrol expression in wine. When he is not spending time with his daughter and wife, he may be found concocting new mustard recipes, hiking with his Labrador, and tending his greenhouse.

Amy Wang Ph.D, MBA | Advisor

Dr. Wang works in venture capital and biotechnology industry in Los Angeles. Dr. Wang’s doctoral research focused on yeast genetics. She is pioneering native yeasts that contribute to enhanced expression of chemicals in wine that confer health benefits. Dr. Wang is an accomplished surfer, speaks fluent Mandarin, and prefers Napa Cabernet over stinky old world wines.

Maria Martellotto | Advisor

Ms. Martellotto is Director of Programs and Product Management at Verizon Business Solutions. An engineer by training, her twenty years of Fortune 50 experience has given her exceptional insight into executive management of multi-national, complex problems, and hybridized systems. She is a scuba instructor and cat lover and enjoys hiking or skiing in the Rocky Mountains.

Andrew Fairbairn | Advisor

Mr. Fairbairn is founding partner of Lagunita Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in leverage buyouts and early stage private companies. Previously, he worked for Deutsche Bank in London and later founded and sold consulting firm based in New York. Mr. Fairbairn holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stanford University and the London School of Economics. He is a proud husband and father of two.

Mike Roth | Director of Winemaking California

Mr. Roth is head winemaker at Demetria Estate in Los Olivos, CA. After completing his training at the University of Fresno in oenology and viticulture, he worked in Napa for several well regarded winemakers including Nils Venge and Mike Grgich. He helped establish Demetria as a well regarded, high end winery with natural approach to farming and winemaking. Mr. Roth loves to tinker with the process of winemaking and each vintage brings new experiments. Recently, he’s made a pinot noir en methode champenoise, an “orange” wine of skin contact marsanne, and increasingly incorporates native fermentations in concrete vats and eggs. Mr. Roth is also a proud husband and father of two boys.

Ryan Hartman | Graphic Design Chief

Mr. Hartman is an Espy award-winning graphics designer and artist based in San Francisco. He has worked with major international companies. He has designed many award-winning wine labels and has helped One Vine clients across the country improve their wine sales through his “make wine lists easy to read” approach to menu design. Mr. Hartman prefers his hometown Sonoma Zinfandel.

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